The Problem with Sleeping-In

The one benefit of winter is that it is dark in the mornings, which means we get to sleep in on Saturday.  Stella slept until 9:30 this morning – a blessing, since I rarely get to sleep-in.  We were then able to ease into the morning, drinking coffee, playing games, etc.

There are a few downers that come with sleeping late – such as a tremendous amount of energy.  While I am quickly writing down this train of thought, Stella is emptying out the duraflame box and stacking all the logs in the kitchen.  I guess I can look at it as strength training for preschoolers…

Another downside is no nap – her sleep bank is completely full, so Stella will be full speed until at least 9pm tonight. But, I guess that is why there is caffeine – Starbucks, I love you.

I really shouldn’t complain or fuss, before I know it, spring will be here and my weekends will start bright and early.

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