It’s Time for Santa

When I asked Stella what she wanted for Christmas, she told me “everything” and threw her hands and looked up in the sky.  So, Santa has a pretty tall order to fill.

I guess if you start at “everything,” you can’t be overly disappointed – Santa is bound to bring something you will want.  You can’t lose, really.

After spending Saturday cleaning the house, getting the trea set up and trimmed, we decided to go see Santa today.  We got up, downed some coffee (or warm milk, depending) got dressed and headed out.  Learning from last years mistake, we got to the store early and loitered until Santa arrived.  Believe it or not, we were first in line, something that rarely happens because we are usually late.

After all the build up, the picture lasted all of two minutes and Santa never even asked Stella what she wanted for Christmas (bad Santa).  But Stella did great – even when the photographer told Santa to give her a little tickle – and all of us, including Santa gave photographer the look of “really lady”.

We got home and were a little strung out (could have been due to the whirlwind morning or the breakfast of potatoe chips) and decided to go for a tricycle ride before doing a little holiday baking and gorging ourselves on frosting.

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