Gnomeo & Princesses

My Grandmother (fondly called GG by Stella) came over for dinner last night.  Stella wanted her to come over and watch Gnomeo & Juliet – Stella’s flavor of the month.

Stella spent the whole movie telling my Grandma what was happening and what was happening next.  Stella also sang along to the songs as well – apparently she is also a fan of Elton John.  It was the cutest thing to hear her singing Hello, Hello.

On Wednesday, Stella received princess coloring books from Auntie Kat.  Couldn’t have come at a better time – I arrived at school right after Stella had fallen and scraped her knee.  A horrible injury, possibly life threatening 🙂  Stella spent the rest of the evening soaking in all the princesses.

So, while Stella and GG were watching Gnomeo & Juliet – between bouts of narrations, Stella flipped through the coloring book and told GG exactly what was going on for each page and all the princesses and their stories.

We then ended the evening with a brownie and a quick game of Repuzzle (Rapunzel).

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