The Cost of New iPad Apps

We recently bought an iPad – it was meant to be a purchase for the whole family – another machine (that we probably don’t really need) for us to use for surfing the web, keeping up with the news and maybe even using as an e-reader.  The iPad also is great for games, and Stella, being the quick study that she is, has instantly become a natural at negotiating and playing games. Basically, we just bought a very expensive toy…I have used it all of one time.  I guess if I really want to experience all that this wondrous iPad has to offer, I will need to buy another one – well played Steve Jobs.

My husband and I have only downloaded the free games so far, but the developers are smart.  They have made it so with a few touches of her finger, Stella is in some kind of store or spot where the game is asking for a credit card number.  Case in point – Stella sits to play a game of Angry Birds while I attempt to get a little cooking or dishes done.  The next thing I know, Stella is telling me that she wants this “bird” or that “pig”, and when I go to see what she is looking at, I find she is now at the Angry Bird store!  Hmm..sneaky….

So, like any good wife, I told Stella she needs to get money from her Daddy for any new games or these bird toys.  Now, every day when Michael gets home, instead of greeting him with a hug or a kiss, she asks: “Daddy do you have any money yet?”.  Ha!  Back to work Michael, your baby needs $1.99 plus tax!


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