Christmas Day!

Christmas Day is here!

Stella was excited for Christmas, but is fortunately still a little too young to quite understand it all.  So, she slept in until about 8:30 or so. Santa wasn’t up too late the night before.  Mrs. Clause was in bed by about 1am and Santa was in bed by about 2am.  This included the construction of a bicycle and a doll house.

I took a picture of the before and after (below), so you can see just how lucky of a little girl Stella is!

Stella took her time opening gifts and playing with them as she went.  This was nice for mom and dad, as it allowed us to suck down coffee and also enjoy the morning.

One of the cutest moments – Santa (and auntie Linda), gave Stella a box of coins for her piggy bank.  Stella opened the box, saw the coins, and went running to Michael, yelling “Daddy, here is some money!  Now we can get games”.

Fortunately, Santa (Papa Ronnie) loaded the iPad with games, so Stella didn’t have to use hers.  But bless her heart for offering to share!

Twas the Night Before Christmas
The Morning of Christmas

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