My New Favorite Dish Soap

Ok, I will keep this short and sweet, but I just have to plug my new favorite dish soap – Dawn Power Clean.  I don’t normally pimp products and I am not being payed by Dawn or anything, this is just something I am doing because I am really digging this new soap (well new to me at least).

For those that know me, dishes do not take first priority in my life – they wait patiently for me – sometimes days at a time – to be cleaned.  Stuck on, dried up food is something I am used to scrubbing off.  This soap has made my life so much easier! It just cuts through the goo and ‘zoop’ clean dishes.  Worth the money (although I am sure I will find out later down the road that it causes cancer – all the good stuff does).

Anyway, if you have a coupon or something, give it a try.  It really does work.

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