After School Snacks – Munching Our Way

Every day before we leave for work and school (daycare), I pack an assortment of snacks in Stella’s backpack for our journey home.  The snacks are usually a combination of healthy snacks, such as dried fruit, to the not as healthy, such as chips or a sweet.  I began this tradition when Stella first started her daycare journey.  As I mentioned on our about page – starting school was anything but easy and for the first few months (well almost 6 months), Stella would not eat during the day.  My only hope to keep her nourished and healthy was loading her up on food after school.

Stella now eats at school, but the post-school snacks are now part of the routine.  When I go to pick her up, the first thing she does is show me how much of her lunch she ate (depending on the day and what I pack, she either eats quite a bit or not so much) and then unloads her snacks, chosing the one that she can eat as we shuffle out the door. Stella then spends the rest of our journey home (whether it be car or boat) digging though and eating snack items.  If she is not pleased with the selection I have provided in her backpack, she then ransacks mine in hopes for something good (usually a disappointment).  Some days she gorges on snacks and some days not so much (depending on hunger and selection).


I sometimes wonder if this snacking is unhealthy, but I have come to the conclusion it is not.  Stella and I are similar in that neither of us are into the huge meals and would rather just munch our way through the day.  I am sure there is tons of research on snacking, kids and weight – just one Google search produces tons of recipes, thoughts and results. I don’t really fuss too much about all the parenting advice that is out there.  Stella is far from overweight (she is very trim) and snacking keeps her happy and it works for us.  Really, that is all it boils down to – what works for us (or really what works for you and your family).

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