Snowbound for a Week – Surviving the Seattle “Snowpocalypse”

Tasting Snow

It all started on Sunday (1/15), when we woke up to falling snow!  Stella was super excited.  She could finally use the snow boots that Santa brought her.

We got all bundled up and went out to taste the snow.  And it kept snowing, so we built a snowman.  The snowman was then used to make snowballs to throw at mommy.  Since we do not own a sled, I put Stella in a cardboard box and pushed her around in the snow.  We were outside for about 45 minutes when Stella decided she was done and ready to go back inside.

The snow melted by the end of the day Monday (it was MLK day, a holiday for us anyway) and we were all ready to go back to school and work on Tuesday.  But, that is when it all started – the “Snowpocalypse” that is.

Stella’s school opened late and closed early on Tuesday, due to the “impending storm” and then it started snowing early Wednesday morning and didn’t stop until Friday.  Seattle is not used to the snow, so schools were closed for the rest of the week.  This meant that I had to work from home for the rest of the week.

Stella tried to be patient with me as I juggled calls, emails, coloring, princesses, clients and playing with babies, but our house

Our Poor House

suffered.  I took a picture of one small section of the house on Friday as an example.  All you need to do is multiply that picture by about 10 and that is our house.

I also learned that Stella does not like the snow.  I remember as kid playing in the snow for hours, but I could not get her out of the house to play in the snow.  We had been surviving off of chocolate cupcakes with pink frosting, but cabin fever started to set in by about Thursday afternoon.  I put my foot down and finally got her out in the snow again on Thursday night – and she had a blast.

Friday, the roads started to thaw a bit.  I had a big conference call in the afternoon, so I had to get us to a place where Stella could play and I could do my call.  So, mommy sucked it up and we ventured to my Grandma’s house (GG).  Our street was not so bad and the main roads were clear.  My Grandma’s street was the challenge as she lives sandwiched between many steep hills.  But, I put the car in 4wd (oh, how I love 4wd) and made our way to her home.

Stella was super excited to go see GG and she had packed an entire suitcase, along with three babies in baskets and the iPad.  She had an agenda for my Grandma and entertained her for the few hours we were there (as well as entertained my Grandma’s kitten).

The Final Melt Down

Today, Saturday, the snow is almost gone and it actually reminds me of March in Spokane (where I grew up). The roads are clear and we are going to celebrate by going shopping at Toys-R-Us.

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