Baby, I Need to Write a Blog Post

Stella loves to play with her babies.  Right now, the game of the moment is school.  She will leave her babies at school in my care while she goes to work.

Well, last weekend, she decided to play while I was cooking dinner.  She started gathering everything she needed for “work”, while talking to her baby.  As Stella is coming down the stairs, I hear her say “I need to write a blog post”.  In her hands, she has her baby, her bling and her (toy) computer.

I couldn’t help but laugh and I had to share this moment.  Being that I am in the business of blogs, I can see that she does pay attention to what I do and has a pretty good understanding of it all – smart chicky!

Stella drops her baby off at school, along with a lunch and some toys she has packed – telling me to make sure her baby eats and takes a nap.  She then proceeds to open up her computer and get to work.

Of course, her work day is much faster than mine. Within two minutes, she is “all done” and comes to retrieve her baby, who has been very well-behaved, I might add.

One a side note, as you can see, Stella always dresses to impress for work – on this day, she has on her flashiest necklace.  Most days she has her heels on too….I can probably learn a lesson or two from her on work style.

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