Taking a Midweek Break – Thank You Twirl Cafe!

Playing at the Twirl Cafe

On a whim, Stella and I decided to go to the Twirl Cafe on Wednesday.  They were having their “Whine” Wednesday, where they stayed open a little later than normal (until about 7pm) and had a wine tasting for the adults.

This time the wine tasting included Chocolate, so that is even better.

Stella had a great time playing with all the toys in their play area.  I have to say, of all the places we have gone with a play area this is one of the best.  The toys are actually clean and the place is well taken care of.  They also had a craft table set up for the kids to make valentines. Stella made three – and used up almost all the foam hearts.  But, no harm, no foul.

The Twirl Cafe also has a few toys for sale, including some very pretty play dresses and a crown.  Stella was fairly obsessed with those, but the prices are not exactly kind on the wallet.  But, it gives us a goal to save for!

All-in-all, a nice break in our week and a great way to blow (or drink) off some steam.  We will go back for sure, although next time we will probably eat dinner there too. Yum!


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