What Adam & Eve Can Learn From Stella

Stella has a Children’s bible – it is full of colorful pictures and the stories are simplified and easy to follow.  One of Stella’s favorites is the story of Adam & Eve in the Garden of Eden.  She likes the snake the best.

The other night, after reading the story, Stella told me the story of her time in the Garden of Eden:

When I was a baby, I was in the garden.  There were pink apples and red apples.  I did not eat the red, poison apples (a la Snow White) because I put a big ‘X’ on them.  So, I didn’t eat the poison apples because I put a big ‘X’ on them.  I only at the pink apples. I was able to stay in the garden because I was right.

So, moral of the story:

If Adam & Eve had just put a big ‘X’ on the apples they weren’t supposed to eat, all of that temptation could have been avoided. Easy as that.

Which got me thinking – maybe I should put that theory to the test and put a big ‘X’ on all my sweets and snacks. We shall see if that works….

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