Weekly Gym Class – A Pretty Cool Progression to Watch

Stella on the Beam - 3-1/2 years

Since Stella was about 1-1/2 years old, we have been going to the Little Gym of West Seattle for a weekly gymnastics class.

It started with me participating in the class with Stella, and included 45 minutes of playtime integrated with actual gymnastics skills.  The kids toddled around from station to station, hanging on bars, walking on a low beam and swinging from the rings.  It was super cute and the highlight of the class for all the little ones was the very end when the teacher would blow bubbles on their tummies and give out stamps.

Now at 3-1/2, there are no parents in the class and the kids go to different stations.  While the class still resembles herding cats, I am starting to see the signs of a serious gym class.  It is also pretty cool to watch Stella’s progress.  She is now like a little monkey, swinging on the bars and doing forward rolls (somersaults) all on her own.

Stella at almost 2 years - checking out the beam

I am a “helicopter mom” by trade, and the first few classes with me behind the glass included nail-biting, wincing and almost lurching out of my seat. But I have learned to relax and Stella has really blossomed.  We both look forward to our Monday evening ritual of “gym class”.  It takes the edge off the week and teaches Stella some skills that will give her confidence as she grows (and when she is playing on the playground).

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