The Sweet Tooth Gene, A Not So Bad Way To Go Through Life

Eating cupcakes = yumStella didn’t always have a sweet tooth.  In fact, as a toddler, she didn’t show much interest in sweets at all.  She enjoyed the healthier side of life: fruits, grains and peas (sorry, peas, that love affair is over).  So, you can imagine my initial surprise and pleasure to think my daughter would go through life avoiding temptation.  Not to mention this meant more for me (I am a sugar junkie).

But, with the dawn of preschool also came the realization of just how yummy life can be with a little sugar on top!  Cupcakes aren’t good enough unless there is frosting, candy is now a “need” and chocolate milk is the preferable choice over plain-old-milk.  Where does that leave Mommy?  Well, lets just say that sharing a cupcake now means Stella eats all the frosting and I am left with a soggy piece of cake, wrapper usually still intact, and somewhat unappealing.

I can’t complain though, she is a child after my own heart.  We now have common ground.  Not to mention, life is so much better when sugar is involved!

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