Raising a Spa-Baby, Learning of Life’s Luxuries at a Young Age

UnintentionallyGetting a haircut, I am raising a spa-baby to some degree.  Don’t get me wrong, Stella is still a fire-baby (classified by her high energy, stubbornness and refusal of sleep), but she does pause on occasion to enjoy the finer things in life.

Stella loves getting her haircut.  From the very beginning, she has sat still and let the hairdresser cut her hair.  No tears, just enjoyment and relaxation. The other day, after just getting her hair done not much over a week ago, she informed me that she needed to go back and get her hair cut again.  Hmm…

She also loves to get her toes painted.  If it is not a nail artist doing them, then Stella prefers having her father fuss over her and paint her toes.  I admit, I am a little jealous that her father will paint her toes, but not mine.  But then again, Stella does have super cute feet.

Cute Toes

I can’t blame Stella for loving these luxury items. I mean who doesn’t enjoy being fussed over and pampered to some degree or another.  Not to mention, I now have an excuse and a buddy to come with me when I want to get a pedicure.  Sorry Daddy, empty your pockets because your babies need pedicures!

4 thoughts on “Raising a Spa-Baby, Learning of Life’s Luxuries at a Young Age

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