Breakfast In Bed on a Rainy Saturday Morning, Taking the Edge off Our Week

I think many people will agree that this week has been challenging in some way or another.

Stella woke up Tuesday morning not feeling well and complaining of earache.  We went to the doctor expecting one diagnosis and were unpleasantly surprised to find out that Stella did not have an ear infection, but strep throat!  I have never had step throat, but I have heard it is very painful and highly contagious. So, we were basically housebound for a few days, and long story short, we are very happy it is the weekend.

Well, we made it to Saturday, and to celebrate our survival and recovery, Stella and I decided to have breakfast in bed!

It is rainy and dreary outside, the perfect opportunity to treat ourselves to a little bit of pampering (hmm..I am sensing a theme in my house). I am dining on coffee spiked with chocolate [almond] milk and Stella is enjoying a meal of pizza, apples and chocolate milk (sans coffee), with a side of Care Bears.  Not your average breakfast, but it works for us. Not to mention a great start to our weekend.

Cheers to the weekend.  I hope you all have a great one!


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