Colonel Sanders was in Star Wars?

On our way home the other day, Stella saw a billboard advertising Star Wars in 3-D.  After pointing out the sign, she then proceeded to tell me who all was in the movie.  The next landmark we passed was KFC, with a big picture of Colonel Sanders.  Stella then informed me that Colonel Sanders was also in Star Wars.

Hmm…this could explain a few things.  Maybe the reason the fried chicken is so addicting is because The Colonel is using some voodoo Jedi mind-trick: “you will buy my chicken and you will like it.”

It reminds me of the movie So I Married an Axe Murderer, when Mike Meyer’s character’s father is referencing The Colonel:

…Oh, I hated the Colonel with is wee *beady* eyes, and that smug look on his face. “Oh, you’re gonna buy my chicken! Ohhhhh!”
Charlie Mackenzie: Dad, how can you hate “The Colonel”?
Stuart Mackenzie: Because he puts an addictive chemical in his chicken that makes ya crave it fortnightly…

Maybe Stella is on to something – maybe there is more to KFC than we thought.  Beware, the force is strong with that one…

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