An Afternoon at the Seattle Children’s Museum

Painting at the Childrens Museum

Stella had massive amounts of energy to burn yesterday.  We needed to do something more than go play at the park, so we went to the Children’s Museum.  Here Stella could run from activity to activity and our house would be spared some of the mess.

We started out our mini-adventure with some painting and artwork.  Stella loves painting, and painted me a few pictures.  What makes Stella’s paintings fun is that she narrates to me while she paints.  Yesterday, she painted me a picture of a big storm (but do note, the yellow color wasn’t part of the storm, just the blue color).

Enjoying an indoor "Picnic"

From there she ran to an exhibit about “Exploring your Neighborhood”.  Outside the exhibit, we met David Fitzsimmons, author of Curious Critters.  Stella looked at him, acknowledged and then took off into the exhibit.  To be honest, I was a little mesmerized by Fitzsimmons.  I have never met a real life author before, and thought it was pretty cool that he signed a book for Stella.  The best part of his book is that he took all his own photography – I am the worst when it comes to taking decent pictures, so I am always a little smitten by excellent photogs.

After having a “picnic”, Stella moved from exhibit to exhibit at lightening speed.  We did everything from going for a boat ride to grocery shopping to climbing a mountain, all within an hour or so.  It was a great way to burn off some steam and get out of the house. I always enjoy our visits to the Children’s Museum and so does Stella – I am sure we will be back soon!


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