But Mommy, I Love to Party!

My Princess - making a crown at the birthday part

Those were the words Stella said to me last Sunday when I was worried that two parties in one day was too much for a little one:

But Mommy, I LOVE to party

What can a mom do?  At least she is only 3 and the most damage that can be done is too many sweets and staying up way too late!

Our day started with a birthday party for Stella’s best friend Ruby, at a place called MoonPaper Tent.  Stella made sure to dress to impress = party dress, high heels, bling.

Stella getting a princess painted on her arm

The party included body painting, dress-up, crafts and a magical adventure led by owner/hostess of MoonPaper Tent.  The children had a blast.  The magical adventure was pretty ingenious, as the children ran from place to place in the room, pretending to be mermaids, princesses and pirates, saving various mystical creatures. The best part, Stella did this whole adventure in heels – you go girl!

Of course, the party ended with the obligatory cupcakes.  A little side note – being that it was a morning party and neither Stella nor myself

Breakfast - yum!

are morning people, we woke up in time to get dressed and get to the party.  So, Stella’s breakfast included frosting from a cupcake (do I hear a mom-of-the-year award coming on?).  I tried to counter balance the sugar with chips on our way home, but learned that salt doesn’t really help a sugar rush.

We got home, ate a little bit more “real” food and took a breather by splashing around in the wading pool and watching some Care Bears.

Our next event: my Grandmother’s birthday party – happy 83rd GG!  Stella, of course dressed to impress, heels and all.  She was the only little one there, so she soaked up as much attention as possible.  She also loved the older girls, following them around, showing off her purse and ring.

All-in-all, a very event filled, but fun Sunday.  And we have another birthday party this Sunday…hmm…looks like it is party season, the best time of year for my Stella!





2 thoughts on “But Mommy, I Love to Party!

  1. Auntie Kathryn

    So adorable! I love the pictures, and it sounds like so much fun. You have quite the social butterfly on your hands. She may need her own smartphone to keep track of her social calendar 🙂

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