Sore Throats, Ice Cream and a Pile of Babies

So, for those of you who get email notifications and got a post of yackity-blab, well, Stella just published a post 🙂  Apparently she “needed to type something” and got quite angry when I took the computer away = time out. And that is basically a summary of our week.

Stella is recovering from yet another round of Strep throat.  This time even more painful and with stronger medication.  “Yucky medicine” to be more accurate, so we have had to be creative, using sugar, chocolate and plugging noses to get the medicine down.  Poor girl!

Eating Frozen Yogurt with a Smile

Ice cream has been a good friend this week.  Not only is it soothing to a sore throat, but also a Stella’s mood.  Our new favorite ice cream place – Menchies.  It reminds me of TCBY of frozen yogurt’s past, but this time on crack.  You can choose flavors and toppings – and for a three-year-old, it is heaven. (And a bit easier for portion control). On Friday, we decided to end the week with a stop at the Krispy Kreme drive-thru (lazy, maybe, but whatever) and tried their chocolate-vanilla soft-serve.  The verdict = Stella ate the entire thing, so I am going with pretty darn good.

We are thankful for the weekend, so we can relax and recover, even if it makes us a little stir-crazy. Currently, our Lazy Boy (the best seat in the house) is chock-full of babies, stuffed animals and baby paraphernalia. But, I didn’t really need to sit down anyway 🙂

A Pile of Babies on our Lazy Boy


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