Feeding the Unexpected Dinner Guest

We were about to sit down to a weeknight dinner – hamburgers, smashed potatoes (rice for Stella since she won’t eat potatoes) and salad.  That is when I found out we were going to be joined by a guest.

A pink, plush Easter Chicky.

Fair enough – I figured the Chicky would eat a little salad, maybe a little rice, so I gave Stella a small bowl and allowed the Chicky to sit next to her at the table.

Apparently my knowledge of farm animals is a bit lacking.  It turns out the Chicky did not want salad or rice, but a big juicy hamburger.

Our Dinner Guest

And all this time I thought chickens were vegetarian.  Hmm…  Sorry, Daddy, the last hamburger is not for you, but for a chicken.

Fortunately, I had made enough food for everyone and our dinner guest left the table full and happy.  I wonder who will be joining us next time?

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