Pedicures and Cupcakes – The Perfect Start to a Three Day Weekend


There is no better way to finish a pedicure than with a pink strawberry cupcake!  And Stella did just that.  #Bliss.

Today, Stella and I went to Herban Therapies for Pedicures.  I could sense Stella was needing a little “mommy and me” time, so I booked a mani-pedi for myself, and a pedicure for Stella.

For once, we were actually on time! Upon arrival, Stella and I signed in and picked out our polish colors.  Stella picked a vibrant pink for herself and chose a fluorescent pink for me – she has very good taste.

The nail artists were very friendly and super sweet to Stella.  They set her up on a comfortable chair and to my pleasant surprise, gave Stella the full royal treatment (foot soak, leg massage and polish).

Stella sat very still and told the nail artist about her birthday party that was coming up (uh-oh, Mommy has got to start planning).  I have mentioned before that Stella is a spa-baby, and she was definitely in her comfort zone.

Since she is only 3, Stella did start to get bored, but I had planned ahead and brought the iPad. Stella settled into her big comfy chair, let the nail artist work, while she played a round of Angry Birds. Talk about the perfect morning = playing the iPad while someone is painting your toes.

Playing iPad and getting a Pedicure

After painting Stella’s toes, the nail artist then added the finishing touch, cute little purple flowers.

Pink toes with purple flowers

And the cherry on top = a pink strawberry cupcake while mommy finished her nails.


Talk about the perfect way to start a long weekend.




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