A Trip to the Woodland Park Zoo – Enjoying Some Sun and Warm Weather

Continuing on from our adventure last week, Stella and I also went to the Woodland Park Zoo.  The great part of the Woodland Park Zoo is that we end up seeing something new every time.  I think we have yet to see the whole zoo, so each trip is a new adventure.

Feeding the Birds
Hungry Birds

This trip we went into a bird conservatory and fed the birds. There many different types of small birds, from small parrots to parakeets. Stella has been really into the movie Rio, so this was the perfect adventure.

I bought a few sticks with bird seed, and we attempted to feed the overly stuffed birds.  Stella actually was able to get a bird to eat from her stick, where as the bird I was able to tempt just snatched the seeds and flew off.

After we fed the birds, we saw the meerkats (Stella’s favorite) and all the slimy snakes (for some reason Stella likes to look at them and get all creeped out).

Stella and I took a lunch break, enjoying some sandwiches in the shade before heading the merry-go-round, Stella’s absolute favorite part of the Zoo.  While walking to the merry-go-round, we reminisced about our first zoo experience at the Kansas City Zoo, with Papa Ron and Auntie Linda.  Something we want to do again when we visit next.  (Plus this mama wants to go on a camel ride 😉 ).


After choosing the perfect horse, we took our ride before heading home to put our feet up and have ice cream (for Stella) and coffee (for Mommy).

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