A Kid in the Kitchen – Helping Mommy Make Breakfast

Cooking Breakfast

We had leftover strawberry coulis from the night before, so Stella and I decided to incorporate it into our Sunday breakfast.

The menu: whole wheat banana pancakes topped with strawberry sauce.

Making Strawberry Sauce

Stella was a terrific help – first she cut the banana and then she made the sauce.  It was a gamble to give a three (almost four) year old a bowl of sugar and a bright red (and potentially staining) liquid.  But, Stella actually created a terrific sauce for our pancakes.  It was the perfect mix of tart and sweet and was well stirred – no lumps of sugar.

And our final result = not half bad.  The strawberry sauce was a nice companion to the sweet bananas.

The best part of our morning adventure Stella actually ate a pancake!  This girl never eats breakfast, but this morning was a success.

Eating Breakfast – Yum!

Which gets me thinking – I should have her help me in the kitchen more often, maybe she will eat a little more.

Cheers to a great start to our Sunday!

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