A Modern Day Cinderella – Meet Cinderellz

Stella loves to play “princesses”.  She loves to reenact all of the Disney princess stories and I usually get roped in to playing (unfortunately, I always end up playing the part of the evil stepmother or a grandmother – go figure).

After a long day, Stella decided to play a game of princesses – but this time, she insisted on wearing my gold glitter platform stilettos.

Cinderellz and her “glass” slipper

And she called herself “Cinderellz”.

Stella clicked around the kitchen in her Minnie Mouse shirt, black leggings and super high sparkle heels.  Granted she looked super cute and if I could pull it off, I too would go through life in such an outfit, but I did begin to wonder – is this the modern-day Cinderella?

Meet Cinderellz – the princess who saves the world all while wearing stilettos.  Not bad…

The New “Glass” Slipper

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