Happy Birthday Baby Girl!

Today Stella is 4 years old!

It is hard to believe my little girl is no longer a baby but now a kid.  I love you Stella!

The Princess Birthday Cake

Yesterday we had Stella’s birthday party.  A handful of kids from her school, along with some of Stella’s extended family were there to celebrate her big day.

Stella’s Cinderella Birthday Cake

We held the party at my parent’s house, taking advantage of the large yard (and lovely view).  Being that we are in Seattle, the weather was wet and cool, but we were able to park the picnic table under a tent, so the kids could still run around, but have a retreat for coloring and snacks.

A storyteller stopped by before lunch and told some fun (and a bit odd) animal-princess stories.  By that time it was storming pretty hard, so the kids ended up having a “picnic lunch” in the living room.  After lunch, we had cake, followed by a piñata.  Thank you to one parents quick thinking, we cleared out the tent and then hung the piñata.  This way, the kids could be covered while breaking the piñata, but the house was spared.

The kids then retreated back to the living room for presents, pillaging their goodie bags and loading up on sugar before heading home.  A

The Birthday Girl!

two-hour party lasted more like three, which to me is a sign of a success.

Stella had such a great time and all the kids played together so well.  We also learned how quickly they can organize and mobilize, as there was a moment when Stella’s baby was left out in the elements while we were all inside.  Once the baby was discovered missing, coats and shoes were put on swiftly and the baby was brought safely inside.

Since we had the birthday party the day before her actual birthday, we kept today mellow – a repeat round of singing “Happy Birthday” over cake, and a special dinner.

Baby Girl!  I cannot believe you are 4!  I love you so much!

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