A Rainbow Haired Darling – Adding a Little Fun to a Normal Kid’s Cut

Stella was way overdue for a haircut.  Her hair was mid-back and her bangs were in her eyes.  Sometimes I take her to the salon I go to, but other times I take her to a kid’s salon not to far from our home (West Seattle Kids Salon), and this time I chose the latter.

I wanted to make the haircut fun for Stella, so I thought, why not have the stylist add a little [wash-out] color to her hair.  When I asked Stella what color she wanted add to her hair, she told me rainbow colors.  And that is exactly what we did:

Rainbow Hair

The color is actually just a hair gel with color in it.  Once she washes her hair, the color will wash out too.  But for a few days, it is fun and super cute.  Why not try these things when she is young – we can see what works best.

Adding the color also made the hair cut fun and something for Stella to look forward too.

I have to admit, I am a little jealous – I wonder how I would look with rainbow hair….

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