My 4-Year Old is My Personal Trainer

Since I got pregnant many years ago, I have not done much working out.  I have done some walking, and chasing my little one around, but nothing super strenuous or serious.  I also have to admit that lately I have taken the easy way out – watching Stella play while I sit on my bum. I am now starting to feel the effects of my laziness – and so I am turning over a new leaf.

But instead of spending money on a gym membership or a trainer, I am just letting Stella be my guide.  And lets just say in one afternoon’s time, I am already regretting that decision.  We went from playing a game of chase, to a game of leaping around the yard, to a game of catch followed by a game of golf.  And it is only 2pm!  Still many hours to go before bed.

If I can survive this rigorous training schedule, I will definitely be in shape and be able to keep up with the rest of them!  Plus, maybe I can turn it into a new fitness program and help others to get into shape in a fun and very busy manner.

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