Going For a Ride on Seattle’s New Ferris Wheel – Enter The Great Wheel

Seattle has a new attraction – a big, white, shiny Ferris Wheel.  It is called The Great Wheel.  Stella had been wanting to go for a ride for quite some time, but I had been putting it off.  I had a bad Ferris Wheel experience once (I literally made them stop the ride and let me off), and I didn’t want to cause great pain and embarrassment to my daughter by having some weird Ferris Wheel-induced panic attack.

It all came about through trying to arrange a play date with Stella’s school friend, Lorelei.  Her mother, Kelly (who has a wonderful food blog, The Food-Minded Mama), suggested a ride on the Ferris Wheel after school one day.  And before I could second guess myself, I said yes.

My boss, Lisa (who has a great blog called My Pink Ink) had taken her children on this Great Wheel not too long ago, so I quizzed her six ways to Sunday, to make sure I knew exactly what to expect for the ride.

The day for the ride arrived, and I was pleased to find that Kelly was just as nervous to ride the Ferris Wheel as I was!  And I might add, the girls never had any doubts or second thoughts.  They merrily headed to the ride, waited patiently for their turn (well patiently for preschoolers), and marched straight in to the car.

Kelly and I laughed nervously, held our breath at times and were very thankful for the fully enclosed (and vented) cars.  The girls looked out the windows of the car and admired the view, which was spectacular.

Ocean View from the Wheel

The car went around about 5 times, only having us stop once at the very tippy-top while cars were unloaded/loaded.  That was the moment where we tried and failed to keep the girls still – ha!  It made for a good laugh!

It was a great ride and a beautiful view of Seattle.  We had a celebratory dinner after our ride and headed home.  I was so impressed with myself and with Stella that I decided we now need to go on a World Tour of Ferris Wheels – look out London Eye – your next!

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