Taking a Trip to Kansas City to Visit Papa Ronny and Auntie Linda

We recently returned from our annual trip to Kansas City, MO.  My husband is native to Kansas City, so we try to go back once a year to visit Papa Ronny (Michael’s father) and Auntie Linda and Uncle John.  We were in Kansas City for 4 days, all of which were jam-packed with fun events (and lots of yummy food).

We started out with a trip to the “Sparkle Store” where Stella was able to pick out whatever she wanted.  The “Sparkle” store was full of all kinds of clothes, shoes and girlie stuff.  Stella went straight for the princess dresses and high heels, not caring much to look at anything else.  While the Cinderella dress she really wanted was too big, she did find a mermaid dress (a la Ariel) and some lovely purple high heels.  She loved the shoes so much that she wore them out of the store.

The next day we took a trip down to Carrollton, a small town outside of Kansas City where Papa Ronny lives.  There is a wonderful park in Carrollton that Stella remembered from our last trip, so we made a day of it.  We started out with lunch and visiting a few of Papa Ronny’s friends and then the rest of the afternoon at the park.

On our last full day, we went to the Kansas City Zoo.  Not only did we have a good time viewing the animals, but also had an even better time feeding and riding the animals.  We fed deer, goats and fish, but best of all we went for a camel ride!  Stella and I went for a ride and then Stella and Auntie Linda went for a ride.  The camel was mellow and friendly – and for a moment it was like we are in the deserts of Egypt.

We had a great time!  Thank you Papa Ronny, Auntie Lind and Uncle John!  We love you very much.



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