Spooky Teeth – A Halloween Staple

We are getting close to Halloween and already have a fun list of Halloween activities for the next week-and-a-half or so.  The first party was on Friday night at Stella’s gym.  They decorated the gym and had all kinds of fun carnival games and activities for the kids.  After completing each game, the kids got prizes.

One of the prizes was spooky teeth – a Halloween staple.  The teeth are very big, but Stella managed to fit them in her mouth and give out funny grins.  They reminded me of the many spooky teeth I had owned in my life, including the wax ones.  And even as an adult, when I see someone wearing those teeth, it makes me laugh.

I love the little things that continue to entertain.  With all of this technology and instant gratification, it is reassuring knowing that a simple pair of plastic spooky teeth can still bring smiles and hours of entertainment.

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