Getting Schooled At Preschool

knobless cylinders

On Thursday, Stella’s school had an Open House.  The parents were allowed to come in the classroom and do three different educational activities with their child.

Stella’s chosen activities included:

  1. Red-rods
  2. Knobless Cylinders
  3. Jewel Work

All three activities have some kind of educational element to them – whether it was math, critical thinking, etc.

Let’s just say that preschool is a lot harder than I remember.  I start off the evening by completely not following directions – the activities started with children all sitting in a circle, while the parents are supposed to wait and be told when to join their child.  Well, all the parents except me.  I go plop down next to Stella, get mobbed by a bunch of kids and get the stink-eye from a few parents.

I finally get the clue, stand with the other parents and wait for my cue to join my child.

The first up – this so-called Red-rods activity.  Apparently we are supposed to take a bunch of red wooden rods, in incremental sizes and make a maze.  What?!? After a little bit of confusion, Stella and I finally grabbed the teacher for instructions and did successfully make a maze.

Next activity is knobless cylinders.  Basically, you take these different size cylinders and put them into their appropriate sized slot.  This activity also sounds much easier than it actually is.  I think Stella actually had a much easier time matching cylinders to holes than I did – oh geez!

jewel patternsAnd finally, the Jewel work.  For this activity, there were different stones in various containers on a tray.  All we had to do was make patterns – finally something I like – bling!  Stella had caught on to my ineptness by now, and wanted to this on her own.  I watched as Stella put the jewels in various patterns, making “bracelets”.  Hmm…signs of the future for my pocket-book, I am afraid.

It is funny that as an adult, I do some pretty complicated things, but apparently can’t handle some seemingly simple tasks.  Maybe it is time for this Mama to get back to the basics, so I don’t get schooled at the next preschool open house!

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