The Deconstructed Flu

We have had sickness at our house for about 5 weeks now.  There has been someone ill with some kind of cold or stomach something or combination of the two continuously, and so far I have not been impressed.

The past three weeks have been the worst for poor Stella.  Three weeks ago, she was home with a fever and bad cough. I took her to the doctor and it turned out she had some highly contagious viral something or other, but not the flu.

Two weeks ago, Stella’s school called saying she was complaining of an earache.  Based on the past weeks events, I took her back to the doctor and it turned out she had a very bad ear infection.

And then last week, Stella’s ended up with a fever and was lethargic, would not eat or drink, all that fun stuff.  Back to the doctor we went – you know it is bad, when the front desk people recognize you.  This time, she had all the symptoms of the flu, but the cough (they tested her for the flu and it was negative).    Which is funny, because we had the cough part of the flu three weeks back.

So, basically Stella has had the deconstructed flu. Each piece arriving separately.

All this sickness has made for a pretty blah January: lots of resting and quiet play.

I am hopeful for a healthier February and am very much looking forward until Spring.  Until then, our house will continue to smell of Clorox wipes and Vic’s Vapor Rub.

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