Super Hero Bowling Party Fun

A few weeks back, Stella was invited to a Super Hero themed bowling birthday party at West Seattle Bowl.  The party attendees were told to where their favorite Super Hero costume. Not being a fan of costumes myself, I wasn’t sure how Stella would respond to the request. Of course, Stella was thrilled by the idea.

But she didn’t want to dress up as a stereotypical Super Hero.  Stella wanted to dress as Cinderella.

I should also note that Stella is a huge fan of body art right now and is working on her Tattoo Sleeves (temporary of course). So tattoos + Cinderella dress + bowling shoes = a somewhat Indie look.

bowling party princess

When we arrived at the party, we found that all the little girls were dressed as some type of feminine character and all the boys were dressed as some kind of super hero.  It was super cute.

I also learned that these costume/themed bowling parties are very popular amongst the little ones.  There were at least two other themed parties going on at the same time.

The kids had a great time.  We had gone bowling a few times before, so there was no real surprise or learning curve for Stella, she jumped right into the game.

The kids bowled all of a few minutes and spent the rest of the time running around and playing. The parents of the birthday boy had originally planned for all the presents to be opened at home, but the kids had other plans.  Before anyone could stop it, the mob of children took over half the lobby to watch the birthday boy open his gifts.  Best laid plans I guess….

To top it all off, as part of her goodie bag, Stella got a pink Superman ring.  Life just can’t get much better than that!



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