A Barbie Party!

Stella is very lucky little girl – she has the Barbie Dream House, along with about a dozen or so Barbies and tons of clothes and accessories. I decided that her collection was a great cause for a Barbie Party: a play-date/party that is completely Barbie themed.  Stella was super excited by the idea, so she and I set to work planning the event.

We invited 5 of Stella’s closest friends (and their mothers) to come over for a few hours on Saturday morning to play and have lunch.  We bought a pink table-cloth and Barbie themed plates, cups and napkins, so the girls could eat in style.  Our menu consisted of items that Preschoolers love – fruit, mac & cheese, chicken fingers, juice and milk (there were some more adult foods for the moms) and a Barbie Cake for dessert:

the barbie cake

We emptied out our living room as best possible and moved all the Barbie items downstairs.  The week before the party, Daddy got worried the girls would have a hard time sharing the party, so he bought Stella the Barbie Beach House.  My Mom also brought over some of my childhood Barbie items, including a pink Mercedes, so you can safely say these Barbies are not being effected by the bad economy.

all the barbies

The girls all arrived around the same time, which led to them all jumping and screaming in our landing.  It was super cute!  They played with the Barbies for all of 10 minutes before they ran up to Stella’s room to play dress up.  They proceeded to run up and down and up and down the stairs and change their clothes many times over.

party girls

As soon as the girls showed signs of being tired and hungry, we pushed the Barbie stuff aside so the girls could picnic on the floor.  The girls dined while watching Cinderella III, and Stella gave the girls Barbie gift bags on their way out (filled with Barbie stickers, tattoos, pencils).

eating cake

The party was so much fun and just the perfect amount of time (2 hours).  It was also a beautiful sunny day – we couldn’t have asked for a better day!

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