A Fancy Nancy Party

A week ago Stella went to her cousin’s birthday party – the theme was “Fancy Nancy”.  Fancy Nancy is a little girl that loves anything and everything that is fancy: feather boas, posh clothing and anything French.

The invitation said to dress as “Posh as you like”, so Stella made sure to wear her favorite long, sparkly black dress, high heels and all the accessories.

A Party and a Poodle

The party was super cute and the girls had so much fun.  They started by decorating crowns with glittery stickers.  Then, they stuffed their own poodle! The poodle had to have accessories, of course, so the girls made jeweled collars and adorned the dogs in big sparkly earrings.

The lunch buffet was also very sweet – heart shaped sandwiches, fruit and pink cupcakes.  A little girls dream lunch.  Instead of a goodie bag, the girls got to fill purse shaped bags with candies they selected from clear glass jars.

It was such a fun party and I loved all the details.  I am actually going to steal a few of the ideas for Stella’s birthday party this year!

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