A Day at the Seattle Zoo with Old Friends

Stella has one friend that she has known since birth.  He is a few months older than her and lives in Portland.  But every once in a while, we get together to catch-up and let the kids play.

This time, Alex and his family came to Seattle, so we met for a morning at the Seattle Zoo.  It was the perfect activity for the kids – new things to look at constantly, animals, things to play on and a great energy burner.

The kids had a great time looking at the animals. And even though we didn’t see every attraction at the zoo, we were able to see a good mix of animals and activities.

Stella and Alex at the zoo


There were also baby animals – so sweet and cute.  The kids loved watching the baby Jaguar’s play.

I loved that the kids were able to talk and play as though they had always been together.  There wasn’t really any awkward moment.  It was just fun.  A sign of a true friendship.

And now, it is our turn to go to Portland to see our friends!

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