Soaking Up the Last Days of Summer

We have been blessed – Seattle had a beautiful summer.  Warm weather, lots of sun and very little rain.

Stella and I tried to take advantage of every minute of it.  We spent a lot of time outdoors.  I have sandal tan-lines, which to me is a sign of a good summer.

Recently, we headed to the beach after work and school to enjoy a beautiful afternoon.

at the beach

I love the beach.  It is a spiritual experience for me, really.  The waves, the breeze and the sand.  There is something calming about being at the beach.  My life would be complete if I could live in a beach-front home.

Stella loves the beach too, she ran between the sand and the water’s edge.  Filling buckets with water and rocks.  Building castles and small sand towns.

sand toys

It will be the memories of these days that will get us through the cold, rainy fall and winter that is ahead of us.

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