Putting Down the Phone and Paying Full Attention

Life is full of distractions, and with the added technology, it is very easy to be pulled in many different directions at one time.  I thought I was doing good, paying attention to where attention was due.

Well, until I saw this video:

And that is when I saw myself in many of those situations.  Especially when it came to my time with my daughter.  I felt ashamed, I have a precious few hours each day to spend with my daughter, with my husband, with my friends.  So why was I looking at the phone.  Was I really going to miss something that important?

Now, I am trying really hard to put the phone down and leave it – in the other room, in my purse, away from the moment.

After all, if it is really that important, the person will find a way to get a hold of me.

I am sorry Stella, Michael, my family and friends, for the times you are trying to tell me something important and I am looking at my phone. I will try to do better. You are more important, you deserve 100% of my attention all the time.

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