Climbing the Rope

I enrolled Stella at a new gymnastics school. This school is for the serious gymnast. She is actually starting to do drills, tricks and being tested on her skills. Very serious stuff.

One thing they do every week is climb up a rope that goes all the way from the floor to the ceiling. Did I mention this place is in a warehouse? The distance from ground to ceiling is significant.

Stella is serious about climbing the rope to the top, and ringing the bell that hangs from the ceiling.

Her first try, she got about a quarter of the way up. Her second try, she got about two-thirds the way up. This week (her third try), she got to the top.

I tried to capture her climb (below), my picture is a little blurry, but it gives you an idea of how high she is climbing.

climbing the rope

After a few tough weeks at work, watching my small, mighty daughter climb this rope was the inspiration and reality check I needed.

There was no “gearing-up” or”psyching-up” for the climb. Stella simply said to me: “today I am going to climb to the top and ring the bell.” And she did.

Why am I not approaching my challenges with such simplicity and grace?  At what point did I lose sight of the goal?

I need to try again. But this time, I need to just focus on the goal, nothing more, nothing less. I need to just climb the rope.

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