Kicking-off the Holiday Season right: Giving Thanks and having a Cookie Party

The holiday season has started and it is quite enjoyable thus far.  I know the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas is a bit shorter than average, but I honestly don’t mind.  Stella is already super excited for Christmas, so the less time of her wondering and [impatiently] waiting, the better, for all of us.

Thanksgiving 2013

We spent Thanksgiving in Spokane with my mom, dad, brother and grandmother.  It was cold, and we even got a little snow.  But the company was warm and the food was delicious.  A much-needed break from the routine.

Snow at Thanksgiving

The holiday even had a rustic touch, as we watched a flock of turkeys walk through my parents neighborhood.  It is not every day that you see a gang of urban turkeys. And to see them on Thanksgiving seemed somewhat fitting.


We turned around from a fun, family filled weekend, to a cleaning frenzy, getting ready for a Christmas cookie party for Stella’s preschool friends.

I had a moment of brilliance – instead of making dozens of shaped cookies for the girls to decorate, why not make one large cookie for each child.  I found a large cookie pan form in the shape of a gingerbread person at the grocery store – viola!


I even thought as far ahead as to buy foil baking sheets for each cookie, so each girl could decorate straight on the cookie sheet and take their treasure home.

The party was a success, and my single cookie idea was perfect (for once).  The girls mostly played dress-up and barbies, pausing to coat their cookies in frosty and candy, before running off to play again.

True to form, Stella ate a bit of the cookie that day and has abandoned it for other things. The lone cookie is sitting on the kitchen table, with no arms and one leg, and a body full of jelly beans and M&Ms.

Our first two weeks of the holiday season have been a success.  We were even able to squeeze in a picture with Santa and a tree lighting (thanks to Stella’s school).

With the big milestones behind us, the waiting and countdown for Santa begins!

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