Helping a Child Understand Moving

Our lease is up in June, and we have decided it is time we buy a house.  In our attempt to not impose on family members too much, we have been taking Stella along with us to various open houses.

I have been talking to Stella about our move, thinking I was doing a good job explaining how and why we will be leaving our current home and going to a new one this summer.  I thought she understood.

Until one night, when I was putting Stella to bed. She asked me if all her Barbie dolls were coming with us to our new home. That is when it hit me, Stella understood that we would be leaving our current home, but she did not grasp the concept of ‘moving’.  In her mind, we would be leaving everything and going to a brand new house, with brand new everything. Scary!

This also explained why she only liked the houses that were staged with a child’s room and why she tried out all the furniture at each place.

I can only imagine the stress and confusion she has been feeling, thinking we will be starting over at some point this summer.

My husband and I have been trying to explain the pending move better, making sure we repeat the fact that all of our belongings are coming with us and that only the house will change. I can also see that our summer will include some emotional challenges as we get used to our new surroundings.  But, with patience, compassion and many deep breaths, we will all make it through and it will be well worth the effort.

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