About Us

A Fire Baby Fueled on Chocolate

Meet Stella

I am an energetic 3-1/2 year old.  I don’t believe in sleep (a waste of time).  I also don’t believe in clothing or healthy food.  I love all my babies (I put the Duggar Family to shame) and I like doing artwork.  I recently discovered that I can pick up my cat – although now she runs away when I try to get her.  I like going to gym class and I much prefer running to walking.

My favorite foods include almond milk (vanilla is the best), cheesy noodles, hotdogs, chicken nuggets and french fries.  I love my Daddy, he is the best jungle-gym ever!

You are lucky if you can keep up with me.

A Mother Fueled by Coffee

Meet Chloe

I am over 30 (boo) and I miss sleep.  I love Stella more than anything in the world.  I never read any parenting books.  Well, I did pretend to read a few, picked out the key words and created my own answers.  Every day is an adventure with Stella and I decided I might as well put it to print.  I am writing this blog to show people you can survive without reading any books or following any philosophies.  I go with my gut and with a little bribing.  I drink way too much coffee and I believe in treats at any time of the day.  I am doing my best to make our story fun and entertaining.  Life is way too short to be serious.