Colonel Sanders was in Star Wars?

On our way home the other day, Stella saw a billboard advertising Star Wars in 3-D.  After pointing out the sign, she then proceeded to tell me who all was in the movie.  The next landmark we passed was KFC, with a big picture of Colonel Sanders.  Stella then informed me that Colonel Sanders was …

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The Cost of New iPad Apps

We recently bought an iPad - it was meant to be a purchase for the whole family - another machine (that we probably don't really need) for us to use for surfing the web, keeping up with the news and maybe even using as an e-reader.  The iPad also is great for games, and Stella, …

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Gnomeo & Princesses

My Grandmother (fondly called GG by Stella) came over for dinner last night.  Stella wanted her to come over and watch Gnomeo & Juliet - Stella's flavor of the month. Stella spent the whole movie telling my Grandma what was happening and what was happening next.  Stella also sang along to the songs as well - …

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