Rainy Day Activity – Bowling!


Christmas is over and the post holiday doldrums have started to set-in.  All three of us were a touch grumpy and antsy and once again it was another rainy Seattle day. Our original plan was to get outdoors and play mini golf.  However, we have all been suffering from colds for the past few weeks, and being out in the rain did not seem like a smart choice.

So we went with plan B, and headed to West Seattle Bowl for a few games.  It turned out to be just the activity the family needed.  They put the bumpers up for Stella, so that the ball wouldn’t go in the gutter.  For the first game, Stella rolled the ball down the lane all on her own – and while it did make its way down very slowly, she managed to knock down pins each time!

throwing the bowling ballFor the second game, we were able to secure a little ramp that allowed her to get some speed on the ball.  It was pretty cool to watch Stella play and she was so proud of herself to be able to roll the ball down the alley all by herself!  Stella had so much fun and was so excited to be there – I think all Stella did was bounce for the two games we played!

This Mama is not a very good bowler – and I could have probably also used the bumpers and the ramp – Stella beat me at both games!

I feel like a dunce for not thinking of bowling more often – it is not very far from our house and isn’t too expensive.  Bowling is also a fairly physical activity, (those balls are heavy!) and is a nice alternative to going to the park on a rainy day. It also looks like the bowling alley has specials – so I will have to keep my eye out and make sure we go back again.

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