Cupcakes for Breakfast?

eating cupcakesOne weekend back in December, Stella was invited to a birthday party on both Saturday and Sunday.  Of course Stella wanted to go to both parties.  They were both mid-morning parties and included some kind of healthy meal and cake.

As I have mentioned before, Stella and I are not morning people, and on this particular weekend, we were really dragging.  For both parties, we arrived beyond late, and just in time for cupcakes.  Basically, Stella and I rolled out bed and into the car, with coffee or milk in hand and headed out to party.  Stella ate cupcakes for breakfast two days in a row.  To make matters worse, she only ate the frosting and didn’t even touch the cake.  Breakfast of champions?

An isolated case of cupcakes for breakfast probably isn’t something that will cause damage for the rest of her life, but I wonder if I am on to something.  Maybe if I can find a way to add a fruit or vegetable to the frosting?  Could I turn this lovely treat into a modern-day breakfast? Hmm…

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