Saturday Night Party – Chocolate Chip Cookies and Playtime

Stella and Jacob Eating Chocolate Chip Cookies (and yes, that is a chocolate milk mustache)

There is nothing better than chocolate chip cookies and chocolate milk – and sharing them with your cousin makes it all even sweeter.

Stella has a cousin, Jacob, who is just a few months older than her.  They are good friends and always have fun when they are together.

Saturday night, we went over to my brother’s for dinner and while the adults enjoyed a little wine and conversation, the kids played.

The Chase

My sister-in-law, Lauren, used her negotiation skills to get the children to eat vegetables in exchange for dessert. I am always amazed by her skills as my power of persuasion seems to be lacking and the kids usually see right through me.

The kids burned off their sugar rush, playing a game of chase where Stella was a viking and Jacob was a dragon (as seen on the moving How to Train Your Dragon).

It was an evening of fun, over indulgence and staying up way too late – but it was way worth it!

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